The weekly club Swim 10.30 a.m. every Sunday (in front of the boatshed) Cottesloe Beach.

The weekly club swim is a fantastic HANDICAP event open to ALL club members aged U14 and above. U13’s can also compete with the prior approval from their Parent’s and/or Age Group Manager.

Each week a points race is run, where competitors are grouped into divisions based on either, their competition age grades or for adults, their speed. The winner of the race gets five (5) points, second place gets four (4) points, etc, etc. Each participant gets a minimum of one (1) point per race. These points are added up at the end of the season and a total division points Trophy is awarded.

Only proficient, financial club members, holding or training for a SLSA award (either the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) or the surf Bronze Medallion) are eligible to win the designated trophy events. In addition the winner of a trophy event must have swum at least fifty percent (50%) of the current season’s, prior club swims in order to be eligible to win (and thus have a fair handicap).

U14's and U15's training for their SRC/Bronze award, are also eligible for trophies and are exempt from the abovementioned award prerequisite during their transition into senior competition within the club.

All other club members (including mum & dad - Associate members) are eligible to enter the weekly club swim race, but are only eligible to win the C division points.

Requirement for getting a handicap, you must swim two (2) time-trials before you are eligible for an official handicap. Simply register your interest with the Handicapper prior to 10:15 am on the day the swim, listen to the pre-swim briefing for course directions. Line up on the starting line, on the beach, and go (when the starter says go). If there are no other first time swimmers, in your race, you may have to start swimming the course by yourself. At the finish line tell the time keeper, your name, age group or member type and that you have just completed a time trial.

Maintaining a handicap. You must have swum at least three (3) club swims in the last 12 months, with at least one (1) of these swims in the current season prior to New Year's day in the current season. There will be a provisional period prior to New Year's day for non-qualifying swimmers to make up the three (3) club swims. If your handicap lapses you will have to meet the requirements for getting a new handicap.

How to get a fairer Handicap

An open water swim requires different skills from pool swimming.

  1. Swim straight – don’t cross your arms in front of your head, this splays you legs apart, acting like parachute, your legs will drop and it will lift your upper body.
  2. Go under or Go over the waves, but make a decision. If you swim upright in the water because of (1) going over waves will slow you down, when they hit you in the upper body.
  3. Draft off of a faster swimmer. Positioning your body immediately behind another swimmer, or half way up the length of their body will provide significant speed gains.
  4. Learn to breath bi-laterally. When you are drafting (3) breath only to the side of the person you are drafting off of, this maintains pace and proximity. When you are faced by waves breathing to the other side and timing breaths in between the waves can produce more speed.

 How to get a harder Handicap - Complain to the Handicapper :)