Hounslow Trophy (for Consistency)

The following table measures every swimmer's Consistency for the year, The Consistency Adjustment is a special calculation that penalises inconsistent swimmer's handicaps more than consistent swimmers.

This is a measure of additional time (in seconds) that has been added to a swimmers Handicap for inconsistent swimming.

Download the following spreadsheet to explain the math of the Consistency Adj/Vol Addon click here

To work out who is leading set the No of Races slider to a minimum of half the races year to date (so for 9 races so far this season, set the min No of Races to 5), and the Grade ranking to A,B,U19,U17,U15,U14 (C, U & U13 div are not eligible), and then sort the table by Avg Secs (lowest to highest). 

The lowest Avg Secs is the most consistent.